First Principles of Movement

“Tabla Rosa”

“First principles thinking is the act of boiling a process down to the fundamental parts that you know are true and building up from there.”

Over 2000 years ago, Aristotle defined a first principle as “the first basis from which a thing is known.”

“When we’re faced with complex problems, we default to thinking like everybody else. First principles thinking is a powerful way to help you break out of this herd mentality, think outside the box and innovate completely brand new solutions to familiar problems.”

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, says there’s a better way to innovate: start with a blank slate and use first principles.

My programs are an attempt to bring First Principles scientific logic to the Movement field. In this way I strive to make it easier for you in an era of information overload to integrate from the millions of methods & dozens of systems the most efficient approach for your client, patient or athlete. N=1 is our philosophy. “The individuals profile drives our program”

“Don’t be a slave of the methods. The methods should serve the goals.” Dr Karel Lewit

“Time spent in assessment will save time in management.” Pr Vladimir Janda


Join my First Principles of Movement team & I to learn how to give tangible hope  and an achievable plan through the twin principles of reassurance & reactivation. We will teach agile, upstream approaches following a scientific framework incorporating  4 basic principles. Our aim is to help you bridge the gap in a relateable way for your patients, clients & athletes  between their current capability shortfalls and the required capacities of their demands in a time-efficient manner.




Jan 28. With Coach Nicole Rodriquez – Human Performance Fundamentals at UCLA

February 11 with Anna Hartman, ATC Intelligent Rest at UCLA

February 23-24. Park City, Utah North American Spine Society

March 24, 25 – Washington, DC – SPECIAL COMBINED PROGRAM I’m teaching –  Clinical Reasoning & Athletic Development Programming + Upper Quarter: Passive & Active Mobility + Training w/ emphasis on Neck Pained Individual +bonus Kettlebell Fundamentals & Programming w/ Rekha & Darius Friday, March 23 & Sunday the 25th in the afteroon. (Rekha Ayalur – or Darius Gilbert

April 6-8 – Buffalo – Part B – Extremity Kinetic Chains – Contact: Michael Geraci –

June 8-10 – Seoul – Part A – The Agile Mindset & Promoting Sustainable Activity & Athleticism: Part A –  Trunk Stability & Force Transfer –  Dr Hang Jin Kim –

July 20-22 at Hospital for Special Surgeries. Part A – NYC ( ) To sign up here is the link

August 31 – September 9- Beijing  – FIRST PRINCIPLES OF MOVEMENT The Agile Mindset & Promoting Sustainable Activity & Athleticism: Part A –  Trunk Stability & Force Transfer. To register contact –

September 25-28 – North American Spine Society Annual Meeting – Los Angeles

Oct 5-7 – Prague – Part A – Paul Bielak

December 1,2 – Bournemouth, England at AECC -Assessing & Building Load Tolerance for Sustainable Activity & Athleticism – contact –



February 22 – Las Vegas –  Parker University –

First Principles of an Agile Approach to the Disability Crisis
N=1: The Why Behind the What of Rehab
The Basic Training Elements: Keystones of Sustainable Activity


 Taipei – Part B – Extremity Kinetic Chains – Анастасія Su

Boston (

Ohio (Joe Spaulding

Houston – Derrick Raymer <>

Seoul – Parts B & C –

Calgary – Part B –

Toronto – Part C –

Vancouver – Part C –

Buffalo – Part C – Contact: Michael Geraci –

England – Part B

Tokyo – Part C

Prague Parts B & C